Analysis of Al Motoya trade to Edmonton

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Ottawa Senators

First of all I like to thank Al for his play for the HABS the past several seasons and he served as a very good backup goaler. I also would like to wish Al all the best in Edmonton.

It is way to early to say who is the winner or looser in this trade as we don’t know who the HABS will draft and how they will develop, The HABS have had success with fourth and fifth round draft picks a recent example is Victor Metta who is playing on tam Canada (loaned to them by the HABS).Charles Hudon was a fifth round draft choice. An other excellent round pick the HABS made was Brandon Galliger. Trevor may not be the best in early round draft choices (part of the blame maybe on player development department) but in later rounds on he seems to be very good.

The HABS when the got Al lost nothing he was signed a free agent.I beleive he still has one year on his contract as last year Mr. Berghvan signed him to a two year contract partly due to the NHL expansion draft as you had to have a signed goaler available in the draft and the only one they had that was available for the draft would have been Price. I also didn’t see the HABS keeping three goalers on the NHL roster they do have three on the Laval roster. So even a fifth round pick who may not turn into a Galliger is great.

If your worried that it may have cost the HABS to much to get Antti Niemi this season when Al got injured it didn’t he was picked up on waivers. I believe his contract expires at the end of this season.

I also feel this means the HABS management feels Charles will be ready for the NHL next season to be Price’s back up although Charles will have to learn the difference between being number one and being the back up.

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