What the HABS should do as they have not scored an even strength goal in 200 minutes

As some of you may or may not know the HABS haven’t scored an even strength goal in over 200 minutes of play. That is over three games and if you don’t score even strength goals you normally won’t win many games. Also with the HABS powerplay gone south like one goal in five powerplays that also doesn’t add up to wins,

What I would do is the following. I would put Jacob De La Rose on waivers (I don’t blame him for the lack of goals as he has been the healthy scratch) but we HABS need a roster spot in my scheme. I need the roster spot to call up Nikita Scherbak who has been lighting it up for Laval since his return from his knee injury he was also doing the same before being called up by the HABS and getting injured and he played very well in his two games here.

For the game he can play in I would make the Captain Max Pacioretty and Tomas Plekanec yes an assistant captain my healthy scratches to send a message to the players you don’t produce you can watch others play for the press box.

My lines would be

Chucky, Drouin Nikita

The kid line

Galliger A L Bryon

Hudon Phillip D Shaw

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