The Positives Versus The Negatives


The Habs’ fanbase consists of two parts; one part sunshine and rainbows and the other part doom and gloom. Or, simply put, the Positives versus the Negatives.

The Positives dump all over the Negatives, claiming we’re not ‘true fans’. Sound familiar?

However, the Positives seem to like to ignore how the team performed. The sunshine beaming into their eyes must have blinded them from the play where we failed to cover the opponents as they weaved their way past our weak defence right through the top of the crease to net an easy goal.

The Positives cheer blindly, regardless of a lackluster effort, poor decision-making with the puck, gap between forwards and defence and players too spread out on the ice to make a decent pass, continuous mistakes in the way of turnovers and badly executed plays. “You guys are the best. Go Habs go!”

Now how can one argue with the logic put forth by the product of a generation that hands out participation awards and never allows a negative thought to enter their mind? They stick their fingers in their ears and yell “bla, bla, bla, you’re too negative. I don’t hear you. Go Habs go!”. It’s pointless to force the issue. We can always let the results speak for themselves though. This is where the Negatives comes in.

The Negatives view the game differently, but much more realistically.
They are more aware of things the Positives aren’t. For example:

  • The team’s best efforts and results are coming from our fourth line.
  • The highest paid players are the biggest underperformers.
  • We have no team identity.
  • We continue to make the same mistakes on the ice, night after night.
  • The team is not improving at the rate it needs to in order to be competitive.
  • Other teams find us easy to play against and are quick to expose our weaknesses.
As expectations of our beloved Habs and standards to which we hold them continue to decline, the Positives and their Facebook posters “Win, lose or tie, Habs fan ’til I die” continue to keep the money train rolling, thus no real pressure on management to make changes. The various fan groups for the Positives have turned into support groups who cheer loudly, proudly and blindly all over social media in a cult-like fashion that casts you out if you don’t conform to their one mindset. You are not allowed to have an opinion, much less a negative one. Surely, they are convinced this provides a generous serving of encouragement for the team, who want to play better but can’t seem to find the trigger. This is where the Negatives (rightfully) shift the blame onto management.

At one point, the losses amass to where the figures and stats can no longer be ignored. Excuses are no longer acceptable. Management must step in and tweak or rebuild this team to where it is able to compete in today’s NHL.

When scoring comes from the players you least expect to see it from and our so-called veteran forwards turn into vanishing acts, in a Positive’s eyes, this is reason to remain hopeful, where in a Negative’s eyes, it’s a cause for concern. The choice is simple; market and milk our history or build a winning team for the future of this franchise. We have been building for the future far too long without any real success. This organization doesn’t seem to care about anything but the revenues it generates, which tells me they are content with the direction they’re headed. What they fail to foresee is even the Positives will inevitably, eventually run out of patience and the excuses for the team will run dry as well. You can’t milk that fan-base forever.

Could the Habs’ struggles be any more downplayed, swept under the rug, by the organization? The answer is right there in their refusal to respond to those issues in a timely manner. Many of the Positives are unable, or perhaps just unwilling to see it because they’re too blinded by the rich history they’re so willing to fall back on every time the team starts to slide further and further into oblivion.

As fans, we’re expected to support our team through the good times and the bad, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer … and we do.

Positives, how’s the sunshine and rainbows working for you? Are the Habs winning Cups? Do we even have a team that can say they are a contender?

The Negatives aren’t pissing on the team for the sake of pissing on the team. We truly want to see this team succeed and we want a team to be proud of, not just one whose history is the only reason they still exist. We’re ready to move ahead. Can you say the same, Positives?

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