The HABS and the media

What can or can’t be covered

First of all I do feel the media have every right to cover the HABS but there are limitations on what they should cover. As an ideal of what I feel shouldn’t be covered is what shopping center a player was in, what coffee shop and location a player goes to. I do not see where these things comes into a players performance on the ice. An event that a player was involved that a Police report was made can and should be reported such as when Zack Kassian was involved in a car accident several seasons ago while with two young ladies and one was under age at early hours of the morning less then five hours after the HABS got home from a preseason game. After that Zack went into a rehab program. They can interview players, coaches etc after a game or practice.

The language issue

As a journalist you most likely what to university to get your degree. If you went to university you do have a better education then most hockey GM, coaches and players. So I feel here in Montreal all members of the media have to be able to speak and understand and if electronic media be able to write in French and English. The GM, Coaches, players may have some collage education. The language of hockey here in North America is English, and even the European players who come here do speak and understand English. Some may have an accent but that’s understandable from being from a different parts of the world. Even from Montreal to New York you can hear accents so there shouldn’t be any complaints about that.

A team should hire as a general manger or coach the best person available at the time for that job regardless of the languages they speak. The same applies to when trading or signing free agent players you take the best available. If you take just by language you may land up getting the fifth or sixth best if you are lucky.

Good and bad General mangers in both languages

The HABS have had good and bad Anglophone GM and coaches, the same can be said on the Francophone side as well. Who I consider the best GM of the HABS was Sam Pollock who was Anglophone and during his time as GM the HABS where always a force top reckon with, An Anglophone GM I felt that never should have been hired is Irving Grundman, who had no hockey knowledge at the time of his hiring, he was manger of a chain of bowling lanes owned by the Brofman family that owned the HABS at the time. A great Anglophone coach was the late Hector “Toe” Blake. One Anglophone coach Al MacNeil who got demoted to director of player personal after winning the Stanley Cup for the HABS the reason he didn’t get allog with Henri Richard or the French Media. One of the worst Francophone GM was Rejean Houle who traded Patrick Roy after his finger pointing to Colorado for nothing, Although not GM at the time but was latter was is Pierre Gauthier who told then HABS GM Bob Gainney to throw in like the Rangers wanted Ryan McDonagh in the Scott Gomez trade, at the time Trevoir Timmins who then was director player development and amateur scouting said not to trade trade Ryan he is going to be a super star. The rest is history,

When does a General Manger speak to the media

The General Manger speaks less frequently to the media then the coaches or players. The General mangers normally hold press briefings at these time

  • At the teams annual golf tournament before training camp starts

  • After a player trade

  • After the trade deadline

  • At the end of the season.

  • If a coach is fired

When does a coach speak to the media

  • At the teams annual golf tournament before training camp starts

  • After games

  • After team practices

  • Normally before a game

  • To announce if a player has been called up or sent back down to the AHL

  • At the end of the season

  • Update on players injuries if new information is available

When do players speak to the media

  • Before or after team practices

  • After games.

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