What lead to the downfall of the HABS

I will list several items in no specific order that has lead to the downfall of the HABS and I know there are more then I listed but I am going with the ones I feel caused the biggest problem.

Not signing Rads

Rads was am excellent part of the team last season and had excellent chemistry with Pac that Drouin hasn’t been able to do. What I would have done is due to the excellent start of the season RADS had was at the start of the new year (2017) start to negotiate with his agent a new contract while you had exclusive rights, thus you avoid a bidding war and tax considerations may not been taken into account by RADS. Dallas signed him although on July 1st the HABS matched their offer in dollars but in Texas taxes are lower and when an open mark why not try and save tax dollars. I’m sure each and everyone one of us would like to lower their income tax legally as much as we can.

Not signing Markov

In Markov the HABS had a player who loved playing for them and wanted to end his career as a HAB. He came back from three bad knee injuries on the same knee. He always played all about and helped make other defence men what they are or where. He did say he would have accepted a one year contract I would have given him a one year contract at 5.5 million as already lost two defencmen due trade and the NHL expansion draft, I will not count M S as he didn’t play a full season with the HABS. Markov although not vocal was a presence in the dressing room and had the respect of all of his teammates.

Trading Torrey Mitchell

Although Torrey wasn’t a super star he had an impact on the team he worked without pay to try and coach the young centerrs how to win face-offs. Also what I feel happened was all the players knew that when Torrey signed his contract with the HABS he took a pay cut (not all will do that)Torrey took the cut as he lives here off season and him and his wife have family here so would make for a better family life. I am sure many players see that as loss of loyalty by management to players who try to help the team.

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