Who not to hire to replace Marc Bergevin as HABS GM

I will not say who the HABS should hire to replace Marc Bergevin if and when they do as there are to many unknown factors involved. Some are who is available at that time, will another team let us speak to someone who is working for them, usually for an advancement a team will let you interview their personal

I will list several who I feel shouldn’t be considered part of the process to be the HABS GM and they will be in no specific order. I will say why I feel that way.

Julien Brisebrois

Although before going to Tampa Bay he was an Ass’t GM of the HABS he is more of a salary cap person and you need a GM who can evaluate talent at all levels NHL, AHL JR NCAA and players in the European hockey leagues. Although at Tampa he is listed as GM pf their AHL affiliate his real bob is the teams salary cap. I admit that is an important job as the team can be fined for going over the salary cap or if the contract doesn’t meet the NHL standards. Any GM can hire someone to do that work,

Larry Carriere

Although he has been with the HABS front office for many years including in the Gainey/Gauthier era that we would all like to forget he like Jullien is more of a salary cap person. Presently he is listed as GM of the Laval Rockets. I would think who ever becomes the HABS GM will keep Larry on for the salary Cap contract issues. Larry has been a good solider for the HABS like he stepped down from his job as Ass’t GM of the HABS to become an Ass’t coach on the HABS when Jacques Martin was fired and Randy took over as interim head coach. They needed Larry as Ass’t coach so at the press conferences after games and practices would be translated properly into French for the French media so there would be no mistakes in translation and everyone knew exactly what Randy said.

Patrick Roy

First of all although some say the HABS and Patrick have forgiven each other with Patrick; s finger many years ago at the old Montreal Forum I don’t think the Molson family will ever forget that and hire someone who gave them the finger. Then secondly last season when as head coach of Colorado he quit just before training camp as he didn’t get what he wanted. Aso Patrick has no experience as GM at the NHL level only in Jr hockey where he also was the teams owner so couldn’t be fired.

Pierre MgGuire

First of all he hasn’t been in a NHL front office in many years thus won’t be update to with all that is going on. He maybe seeing lots of hockey games due to his work with NBC and TSN but that’s not the same as being in the front office. Also when he didn’t get the job as HABS GM when Marc Bergevin got it every move Marc made he complained how it was wrong on air waves. I admit as an analyst he is entitled to give his input but every move is wrong is a different story.

Scotty Bowman

Although I would love Scotty as a GM of the HABS I don’t see him accepting the job due to his age and he also is SR advisour to his son who is GM of the Black Hawks. I don’t see Scotty now wishing to have to work 60+ hours a week any more when he was GM of the Detroit Red Wings he did and did an excellent job for them.

What I would do

I would fire Marc Bergevin ASAP before any trades are made especially as we are getting closer to (February 26th) the NHL trade dead line. We need someone who will give the team a fresh approach. If they can’t hire someone presently I would name Rick Dudley as interim GM as he is very good at knowing talent and allow him to make all player personal moves until a new full time GM is hired. Rick is currently SR advisor to Marc Bergevin but I do trust him.

I wouldn’t mind if Mr. Geoff Molson have Mr Serge Savard (former HAB GM) help him interview people for the job of GM of the team, being a former GM of the team and also managing a hotel he knows what management is all about. Serge has said in the past he isn’t interested in being the teams GM so there would be no conflict of interest.

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