What is the value of Max Pacioretty

Max P

What is the real value of Max Pacioretty it will vary depending on who you speak to. Pierre MgGuire who works for TSN and NBC says you can get a full dollars value for him. Others have said you will get less then full value for him due to his lack of scoring this season.

To say why you would get full value for Max Pacioretty is that he is getting paid very little for someone with his talent and past production and lets all be honest at one time or another he will regain his scoring touch and then goals will come in bunches as he has always been a streaky player. Also added to the fact is his contract expires at the end of the 2018-19 season so you have a full season to work out a contract with him before he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Presently he making roughly 4 million a season and I have heard he is looking for 8 million a season that players who score 40 goals a season gets paid. I can understand that he would want to get full monetary vale for himself. I can also see him wanting a seven or eight year contract with a no trade clause with him having a young family and doesn’t wish to keep moving, One reason you may say Max isn’t scoring the players who where given assists on the majority of his goals last season are no longer with the team mainly Markov and Rads.

On the negative side he shows less enthusiasm then he ever has. Also with him having 3 concessions in the past other general mangers maybe worried if he gets a fourth his career would be over and they gave up to much for him. I also have heard lately at the post game pressers when reporters ask him questions he always seems to give the same answer. When asked about the HABS system he replied “NO COMMENT” to me that shows he doesn’t wish to say anything that would him into more trouble with HABS management.

Marc Berghvan if and when he does trade Max Pacioretty will have to be very careful in what he gets in return for him. He fired his coach last season then trades away his captain that might show Mr. Geoff Molson that he didn’t build the right ship and unless the players/assets he gets in return preform quickly might get him fired even more quickly. There teams who might offer draft picks as they are in the playoff position and add scoring and hoping teaming Max up with one of their players will get him scoring again. Other teams again in the playoffs may offer some top prospects they have as if your in the playoffs your not going to trade away one of your assets to get another, Also I wouldn’t trade Max for another superstar who is struggling to score this season why trade away one problem to get another problem. I do admit in some cases a change of scenery will help but there is no guarantee on that.

I won’t try to guess what the HABS will get for Max Pacioretty as we don’t know to what teams they are speaking to but I have heard they are activily trying to trade him. This would not be the first time the HABS have traded away a captain this it can be done and if superstars such as Wayne Gressky and Bobby Orr where traded why not Max Pacioretty all team General Mangers will do what they feel they have to to improve their team and keep their job.

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