Why Mike Condon never made it big with the HABS



Although at the time I had great hope for Mike to be lasting fixture with the HABS he wasn’t and was already twice in short NHL career be paced on waivers twice.

What I find the main reason Mike couldn’t stick with the HABS was the lack of time playing in Hamilton (Then the HABS Affiliate) he played in 2013-14 season 3 games in Hamilton and in 2014-15 48 games. A goaler needs more time to develop then any other position in hockey. Before playing professionally Mike played at the NCAA and there they only play games on weekends and during exam period being mid term or final exams there are no games or practices as in the NCAA the goal is the education aspect of the University. Mike was going to Princeton University before turning pro,

In the 2015-16 Mike beat Dustin out of the backup goaler job by his stellar play in training camp and preseason games. When Price got injured young Mike was thrown into the fire by being the HABS number one goaler but with very little development. I do have to in some ways agree with the HABS as Mike clearly out played Dustin to keep the better goaler on the big team.

Although per say not hockey related that I liked what Mike did was he got his second contract was instead of going out to celebrate take a vacation etc. He took the money to pay off his student loan to Princeton.


Mike dressed up

Mike Condon dressed up

Below Mike with his dad Ted and brother Zack,

Mike Condon with dad Ted and brother Zach.Mike Condon as hab

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